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To DrukenChipmunk

Okay. You comment is a littel far fetch.If a person limits him/herself to one type of music, they will miss out on a lot of stuff. Thom York got the title of his new album by a sign that he saw while touring in America. He is not part of any program nor does he have websites in his CD jacket. You said muse doesn't talk about depressing stuff? think again. I listen to the muse when i get depressed simply b/c it relates with my mood the most. "endlessly," omg dude. that song depresses the hell out of me. It just has that eiry haunt to it, to being a song somene listens to right before he or she kills themselves. A lot of the radiohead fans are really normal people. Just because some of the stuff is moody, doesnt me they are bad. I am really egar to hear which Radiohead Albums you have listed to? If you want to know how someonce could like listening to Muse and Radiohead, Listen to the following Radiohead songs then get back to me: Myxomatosis, 2+2=5 (both from hail to the theif). Subterranean Homesick Alien, Karma Police (OK COMPUTER). I Can't, Vegitable (Pablo Honey). Black Star, Just (the Bends). That should do for you right now. I am a HUGE fan of the following bands :AFI, Phish, TOOL, Radiohead, the CURE, the Dead, APC, Muse, Piebald, Pearl Jam, Pink Floyd, My Morning Jacket, and Led Zeppelin. Take a look at that diversity. Explore your options. Music is not limited to one type or band.
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